2. BELMA competition closed

Surprisingly, out of the 49 entries, only 6 were completely digital, the rest was either printed or a package. The level of quality of the submitted entries was extraordinary this year, so that 15 prizes were awarded altogether. As already published in the BELMA newsletter, the winners came from 11 different countries and there were 14 different subjects. The winners are online on the BELMA website.
Some discussions on how to make the BELMA more visible are going on. It is felt that the importance of the award is not made clear enough. In the context of discussions about quality of open educational resources versus curated (or professional) content as well as copyright discussions, it would be good to have more best practice examples on display.
For next year, a PDF leaflet with sample pages from the winners (or even the shortlisted entries) is planned. Already this year, the marketing material for the winners was prepared well in advance, so that publishers were able to tweet their successes straight away.
Frankfurt Edu sponsored the prize giving event (there was a discount for the reception) and the managers pointed out to us that the BELMA ceremony is very important for the Book Fair. Every year, it draws more interested people.
There were many editors and designers from other publishing houses who stopped by the EEPG stand afterwards and had a look at the materials. This year, the presentation itself could also be seen on the screen at the EEPG stand.