2. Network Meetings

The first network meeting of 2018 took place in Alfragide near Lisbon on April 19th and 20th. The venue was provided by our hosts, LeYa in their beautiful publishing house.

The meeting was attended by 24 colleagues from CET (Israel), Cornelsen (Germany), Editorial Vicens Vives (Spain), Learnetic (Poland), LeYa - our hosts (Portugal), Otava (Finland) Profil Klett (Croatia), Prosveta (Bulgaria), Ranok Publishing House (Ukraine), Sviesa (Lithuania) Systime (Denmark), Zvaigzne ABC (Latvia).

There were two keynote speakers, Dr Benedikt Model from the THM in Germany on taxonomies and Jozef Misik from Edia in the Netherlands on AI. There were lively discussions and best practice examples from the participants concerning both topics. It was very interesting to see how the publishers approach what are essentially the same issues everywhere.

A second topical strand was approval systems and quality assurance, which are both also linked to how data is kept and can be retrieved. These presentations as well as the agenda can be found here
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As always, there was also the opportunity to socialize with colleagues, exchange ideas and talk about problems and solutions, best practices, etc. And again, our hosts provided an excellent social program with a guided walking tour through Lisbon. Here are some pictures from the network meeting, ©Søren Peter Sørensen:

The second network meeting in 2018 will take place in Helsinki. The program is now online but here is a reminder. Please register as soon as possible. It is also important that this becomes a workshop rather than a presentation focussed network, so please contact me if you would like to give a short talk/presentation on your experiences. We want to have as many case studies as possible. These don't have to be elaborate presentations.

AGENDA of EEPG network meting in Helsinki (14th - 15th June)
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This year, there won't be a 3rd network meeting but a conference open to other educational publishers as well. This will take place in Ljubljana in September (13th / 14th) and Marusa Kmet of RokusKlett, her team and I are currently preparing the agenda. We have managed to engage Katie Roden as a keynote speaker. She is a well-known content, marketing and brand strategist and her background is in educational publishing. So save the date for the September conference on Content Marketing. Venue and a contingent of rooms have been pre-booked at here.