2 Activities

This newsletter reaches you very late because autumn was a very busy time.

First, there was the issue with the bank, which was finally settled in November. As the management board will testify, we had to submit so many documents and IDs, you would think the EEPG's business was money laundering. Finally, our lawyer and the colleagues from Systime helped to settle this issue, so that we can stay as an association in Denmark using the Danske Bank accounts.

Secondly, we are still trying to make BELMA more profitable. We have found a place in France for the jury to meet which will be more convenient to travel to than Aarhus (and close to the chairman's residence). We are also working on the logistics to safe money and on measurements to improve its visibility.

However, I hope you will still find this newsletter informative and useful. When you read this - but definitely by January 4th - you will find our EEPG promotion video online on our home page. I'd like to thank everybody who contributed for their quotes! I am sure, we will be able to attract quite a few new members.

If you want to watch the videos taken at the Berlin conference in Berlin in September about New Pedagogy, click here. I have put them on the non-members' website because it is a good example of the EEPG's work.

On behalf of the EEPG, I have taken part in the IPA EPF meeting in Vienna at the beginning of December. You will find the country reports from this meeting under section 3. The minutes will be forwarded when I receive them. The EEPG will take an active part in organizing the What Works Conference in London this year (reduced to a half-day event). As usual, there will be a discount for EEPG members, which I will send round as soon as I get the code.

I did not manage to attend Online EDUCA this year, but as Brian Gilsenan pointed out, it was a very interesting conference. Highlights can be watched here.

I have been asked by Rick Shepherd, who is doing a survey amongst educational publishers (he gave a keynote at the Conference in Berlin), to share this link. If you want to find out more about what this is for, please contact Rick.

Also, for those of you who speak German, here is an invitation by Christoph Bläsi, one of the BELMA jury members and professor at the university of Mainz, to a workshop taking place on the 20th of January entitled "Schulbuch, Lernprogramm oder Youtube?".