EPF / IPA meeting in Cologne 29th January 2016

The EEPG is now a member of the Educational Publishers Forum of the IPA (for a year to start with). Therefore, the meetings will be attended by the director and the minutes and the country reports are available for the EEPG.

Here is a summary of the meeting and a short overview of action points and activities of EPF:

  • IPA is going to rework its position on Exceptions in Education to take into account FEP and European Group's positions.
  • New members to IPA-EPF:
    • Georgia. Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association is an IPA member, but this was their first participation in an EPF meeting.
    • Mozaik. Ildikó Török will ascertain if Mozaik will become a member of EPF.
    • BFU. As the IPA member, the Danish PA has no objection, BFU will be invited to become a new member.
    • EEPG. Helga Holtkamp and José Borghino explained the new structure of the EEPG and the presence of current EPF member, Frank Thalhofer, as the new Chairman of the group.
  • Going forward in 2016. A new way of organizing the Agenda for EPF meetings was discussed: by issue not activity. Top issues for 2016 are
    • Copyright: what do we want to achieve. European debate on copyright is crucial this year
    • Privacy
    • Producing a pool of resources on the website and elsewhere;
    • Publishers' relationship with government. Agreed to sharpen and formalize EPF statements and share on the website and in the Newsletter.

The next EPF meeting is on April 13th in London.

If there are specific issues you would like to be raised, you can always mail Helga Holtkamp until Wednesday morning and we will try to get it on the agenda.