As many of you attended the Book Fair, you will know that this year, the winners were given all the material for marketing right after the ceremony at Frankfurt. The website was updated the minute the winners were announced. Also, we had a screen at the EEPG stand so that the online titles could be looked at as well. Here's a photo of the happy winners:


And here are some interesting statistics about 2017 BELMA winners:
The following countries received a prize: Bulgaria, Denmark (2), Estonia, Finland, Israel, Italy, Norway (3), Portugal, Serbia and Slovenia.

The following subjects were chosen: general (2), maths (2), music (2), English (3), Danish as a foreign language, German as a foreign language, history and literacy.

From the winners, 10 titles were submitted by members of the EEPG and 3 came from non-members.

However, overall the ratio was different:
There were 31 submissions by members and 16 by non-members. Since the jury is completely un-biased - most jury members are not aware which publisher is an EEPG member - this clearly shows that the production of publishers inside the EEPG is of very high standard.