Network meetings 2019

2019 May 09-10 Sofia Decision Makers

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2019 July 11-12 Trakai/Vilnius Network meeting: Product quality as a key factor in successful marketing (BELMA and beyond)

Wednesday 10th July

Start of the network meeting with an informal get together at Amberton Hotel, Vilnius
Rooms have been reserved at a special price of 89 € , when booking, please quote this reservation number: 6925

Thursday 11th

09.00-09.30 Coffee and welcome by host Sviesa and EEPG
10.00-10.30 Walk a mile in your client shoes. Simonas Sabanovas, teacher presenting the clients' view
10.30-10.50 BELMA history and criteria. Helga Holtkamp
10.50-11.50 The role of quality assurance. Selja Saarialho, KOKOA
Image-building through quality assurance
With Open Educational Resources and an ever increasing number of EdTech products flooding the education market, the role of quality assurance is increasing. How to demonstrate the high educational quality of your learning products to your clients in an easy and reliable way? Kokoa Standard has developed a science-based method for evaluating the pedagogy and usability of digital learning materials. The Certificate issued to products that meet the criteria of the evaluation acts as powerful evidence of your product's educational quality. For more information, please visit
11.50-12.20 open slot, discussion
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.20-15.30 How can small things improve value and quality? Sharing experience / Insights from winners of BELMA awards 2-3 countries
16.00-21.00 Excursion and dinner in Trakai
21.00-21.40 Back to Vilnius

Friday 12th

09.00-09.15 Coffee
09.15-09.45 Details matter: Inspirational approaches that provide value. Milda Juonė, Sviesa
09.45-10.45 Keynote by Katie Roden
Katie did a very successful keynote and workshop at the conference in Ljubljana in September 2018. She is going to pick up on this again and will come with a new bunch of inspiring details focussing on marketing through quality.
10.45-11.00 Coffee
11.00-12.00 Hands-on Workshop. Katie Roden
12.00-12:20 Behind-the-scenes of BELMA, Helga Holtkamp
12.20-13:00 open slot
13.00-13:45 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Visit to "Siaurės licėjus" private school, (open option)

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it becomes available.

2019 September 17-19 Tel Aviv Network meeting " Education 2030"

The EEPG network meeting itself will take place on September 18th (full day) and 19th (half day). The topic of the network meeting will be Education 2030, and we will be mainly looking at how the goals can be achieved through innovation, curriculum development and skills training for students and teachers. There will probably be a focus on AI as well as transversal competencies (aka 21st century skills). CET will provide the meeting room. We will have an informal get together on evening of 17th.

The participants have the opportunity to take part in the conference "Shaping the future" on 17th (full day). As soon as we know where the STF6 takes place, we will try and contact the hotel for a good rate for the delegates.

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Further information will be posted as soon it becomes available