Network meetings 2019

2019 May 09-10 Sofia Decision Makers

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  • 2019_05_09-10_Sofia_06_Sintija_Buhanovska_Zvaigzne_Black_hole_is_found Download here
  • 2019_05_09-10_Sofia_07_Teuvo_Sankila_Otava_Future_of_learning Download here
  • 2019_05_09-10_Sofia_08_Inka_Hedman_Otava_An_influencing_and_educative_role_in publishing Download here
  • 2019_05_09-10_Sofia_09_Karolina_Danstrom_NOK_NOKflex_and_Digilär Download here
  • 2019_05_09-10_Sofia_10_S.P.Sorensen_Systime_Learning_outcomes_from_analog_vs_digital Download here
  • 2019_05_09-10_Sofia_11_Chris_Heron_Vivagogy_Transversal Competencies Download here
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  • 2019_05_09-10_Sofia_13_Chris_Heron_Vivagogy_Material_McKinsey_Report_Education_to_Employment Download here
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  • 2019_05_09-10_Sofia_16_Matic_Jurkosek_RokusKlett_Material_Workbooks_and_evolution Download here

2019 July 11-12 Trakai/Vilnius Network meeting: Product quality as a key factor in successful marketing (BELMA and beyond)


2019 September 17-20 Tel Aviv Network meeting " Education 2030"

Dates have changed due to elections on September 17th in Israel (some good background information on : wikipedia. In Israel, this means that the 17th will be a holiday, so the conference " Shaping the future" had to be reorganised.

The date is now the 18th. The venue is the university. That means that the EEPG network meeting has to be on the 19th, which is the Thursday. In brief:
Please note this very important change in the program:

The EEPG dinner will be on Thursday (19th), not 17th, since on Wednesday, there will be an event at the Stock Exchange - the global edtech startup awards 2019 semi finals. We will find out whether registration (it is free) is necessary - most likely we'll just do a joint registration for all of us. The program runs until 9 pm, so it would be too late for dinner.

Unfortunately, our webmaster and photographer, aka Udo, has eye problems and is neither able to update the website nor to travel to Tel Aviv to take photographs. So, we appreciate you all taking pictures and allowing us to use them.

Also, unfortunately, we had some problems with keynote speakers, but we now have Prof. Renee Hobbs from the University of Rhode Island. She'll be a very inspiring speaker and you will be able to see her at the Shaping the future conference also.

I will send the abstract and her title next week.

In addition, we have the following presentations / talks by you in no particular order:
  • David Gråbæk (Systime, Denmark): The School Library in 2030 - How can publishers collaborate in the creation of a better alternative to Google? (approx 40 min)
  • Guy Levi (CET, Israel): E2030 Framework: a model of implementation strategy (approx 40 min)
  • Maire Tänna, Kadri Rahusaar (Koolibri, Estonia): Our journey into the digital world (approx 20 min)
  • Mirta Ambrus Marsić, Petra Stipaničev Glamuzina (Profil Klett, Croatia): re-inventing digital products (approx 40 min)
  • Inka Hedman, Henna Miettinen (Otava, Finland): topic and title to be updated (30 min)
  • Viktor Kruglov, Yevhenii Kereia (Ranok Publishers, Ukraine) topic and title to be updated (30 min)
  • Carles Vidal (Editorial Vicens Vives, Spain): topic and title to be updated (30 min)
  • Artur Dyro (Learnetic, Poland): combining print and digital processes (30 min)
Please update me on the title and the length of your talk/presentation as soon as possible. Also, if anybody not mentioned here, also wants to present, we have about an hour still left :-)

For registration, please go to this page.

Further information will be posted as soon it becomes available