Network meetings 2019

These are the network meetings in 2019:
Detailed information can be found here as soon as it is available.

2019 May 09-10 Sofia Decision Makers

The network meeting in Sofia will start on Wednesday 8th of May with a reception at the SENSE Hotel, courtesy of Prosveta Publishing House. The SENSE has a lovely roof terrace with a view all over Sofia. The conference will take place in one of their conference rooms. We have reserved rooms for attendants, so please fill in the form and mail or fax it by April 12th to the hotel.

After the meeting here will be an opportunity to join a guided tour to Plovdiv ( European capital of culture 2019), on Saturday 11th for those who would like to stay the weekend. Please write to Helga with the number of participants by April 15th. As always, if you want to come with a partner, there will be a small fee for dinner on Thursday.

Preliminary meeting agenda

Thursday 9th
  • Welcome by host and EEPG
  • Overview of copyright situation - What does the decision of the European Parliament mean for educational publishers? Where do we stand regarding OER and PER? (Margarita Gigova, educationalist and expert on copyright)
  • Image building - what can be done to improve the public image of the educational industry and publishers in particular (introduction of the IPA campaign and how to personalise it for individual needs), Practical tools for publishers to use (Brian Gilsenan)
  • Walk through Sofia and dinner
Friday 10th
  • Transversal Competences - From school subjects to employability skills. (Chris Heron)
    This workshop will deal with practical issues as well as a little bit of the background of transversal competences. As you know, some countries are already in the process of national reforms in education, such as Finland and Latvia.
    For those of you who really want to go into the topic beforehand, you could read this,
    and also look at this graphic.
    But since this is a lot too read and understand, you might want to wait until Chris explains it in simpler (and shorter) terms and talks about the practical issues and consequences for educational publishers, e.g. how do we match integrated skills with our existing content.
    We welcome contributions from publishers both relating to what they are doing and voicing their problems and questions.
    Here is a short bio from our keynote speaker:
    Having failed at school, Chris Heron became a business man and entrepreneur. One of his products was exhibited at MOMA in New York. In a life-change at 48 he decided on a career change and became a teacher, eventually lecturing in Business Studies and Economics at The Lord Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge, UK. His current project, Vivagogy is a company researching new pedagogies to create a new way of making learning available to all. The breakthrough in thinking was prompted by a book entitled 'Teach your Quantum Physics to your Dog' by Chad Orzel!

  • case studies from various attendants on new business developments
Further information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.
Registration for this event is open!

2019 July 11-12 Trakai/Vilnius Network meeting: Marketing through social media

This can be seen as a follow-up to the conference in Ljubljana in September but will also pick up on the topic of lobbying and image building that we will address at the network meeting in Sofia. One focal point will be how to reach teachers and create a good relationship with them.
Further information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

2019 September 15-16 TelAviv Network meeting Learning Game Changers

Education and technology in Tel Aviv is to coincide with the Israel EdTech Week from September 16-19, 2019. On September 17 or 18 the Conference Shaping the Future 6: Learning Game-Changers, will take place - it is suggested to plan the network meeting for the 15th and 16th (Sunday and Monday), although travelling on the Saturday might be a bit difficult because of Sabbath.
Further information will be posted as soon it becomes available.