EEPG Members: Kreativni Centar, Serbia

  • 2022-10-11
We are excited to present the EEPG members in a weekly spotlight via short interviews. We are starting with Kreativni Centar, one of the leading educational publishers in Serbia.
Kreativni Centar was founded in 1989 and has gradually become the leading publisher of children's books and educational materials in Serbia. Find more info here.

Interview with Ljiljana Marinkovic, CEO

1. What is the main challenge in your country & market?
At the moment our country is working at an increased pace on revising school curricula at all levels, from preschool to secondary education. The main change concerns digitalising education, a process that requires great adjustments both from teachers and publishers, and we are still figuring out the best ways to do it. There is also a big ongoing discussion about the financing of textbooks, which has so far mostly been the responsibility of parents.

2. Why is educational cooperation on a European level important to you?
It is very useful to exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries with regard to textbook production, collaboration with governments, marketing and other areas. It gives us the opportunity to find out what is specific to other countries and to learn best practice examples which we then apply locally to enhance our own market. We also have many things in common, which is important to know. As the company CEO, I also consider the decision makers' meetings very significant. The EEPG connects us with the International Publishers Association (IPA), further broadening the sphere of collaboration. Our younger colleagues, editors and marketing managers especially value the workshops and educational conferences organised regularly by the EEPG, which allow them to learn about good examples from others as well as to present their own experiences.

2. In your opinion what are the main benefits of being a member of the EEPG?
We have been an EEPG member since 2006, and this membership is significant to us in several ways. The EEPG connects us with the largest educational publishers from all parts of Europe, and it is a privilege to belong to such a group. The support and guidance of the EEPG has also meant a lot to us during some difficult moments we've had in Serbia. Finally, the fact that the EEPG is a co-organiser of the competition for Best European Learning Materials Award or BELMA in short, where we have won many awards, is extremely important to us as this encourages us to make even better books every year.

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