The EEPG is a non-profit organization connecting educational publishers from 24 countries in Europe.

Our members are dedicated to further the quality of education in their countries and abroad. We exchange ideas and best practice examples in creating and producing learning materials for all ages. If you are an educational publisher and would like to join the EEPG, please write to Helga.holtkamp@eepg.org.

One of our members is Ranok Publishers from Ukraine. Ranok Publishers continues to produce teaching and learning materials even in these difficult times. One initiative is the provision of materials to Ukrainian children in other countries free of charge.

These European publishers have already joined the initiative:
Austria (VERITAS Verlags- und Handelsges.m.b.H.): https://www.veritas.at/ukraine#ukrainische-schulbuecher
Belgium (Plantyn, the Infinitas Learning group): https://www.plantyn.com/fr-BE/ukraine
Bulgaria (Prosveta Sofia AD): https://www.e-prosveta.bg/za-ukraina/
Croatia (Profil Klett d.o.o.): https://hr.izzi.digital/#/
Italy (S. Lattes & C. Editori S.p.A.): https://www.latteseditori.it/libri-scolastici-ucraini
Latvia (Zvaigzne ABC Publishers): https://maconis.zvaigzne.lv/catalogue_ukr
Netherlands (Noordhoff, the Infinitas Learning group): https://www.noordhoff.nl/oekraine
Norway (H. Aschehoug & Co (W. Nygaard) AS): https://aunivers.lokus.no/ - to get access to the collection where the material is included, you need Norwegian log in-information (which the Ukrainian kids get when they arrive to Norwegian schools)
Sweden (Natur & Kultur): https://www.nok.se/ukrainskalaromedel
Switzerland (Lehrmittelverlag Zürich): https://www.lmvz.ch/services/ukraine
You can download all materials here:

We ask publishers and institutions who want to distribute the material to sign the licence on the first page and at the end of the appendix). Please create a landing page in your mother tongue and ideally Ukrainian. Please mention Ranok and the EEPG on your landing page.

Here are the licence and appendix A:

Here is Appendix A in English for reference

If you have problems downloading the material, please refer to this
video that Adam has kindly provided:

You will also find some audio material material available for language
courses (English, German, French) for primary school (grades 1-4). It
can be downloaded from http://interactive.ranok.com.ua/ - Ranoks website
dedicated to educational materials and different additional interactive
data to them.
To make downloads easier, a file with links showing the shortest
way to download audio data to each of these textbooks was created and
you can download it here:
https://www.eepg.org/media/en/2022_04_07_Ranok_Audio-files.docx .

It also contains instructions for downloading files. Individuals do not need a license for downloading a single title. For allocating the books to the right years, his table will be useful.
Please note that there is a limited offer for grades 5 and 6 due to
ongoing curriculum reform.
Grade Type Age
1 Primary 6/7
2 Primary 7/8
3 Primary 8/9
4 Primary 9/10
5 Basic 10/11
6 Basic 11/12
7 Basic 12/13
8 Basic 13/14
9 Basic 14/15
10 High 15/16
11 High 16/17
There is also a catalogue from the Ukrainian publishers association where you can buy rights to books (not only educational)

Here is a link to a video showing some impressions of our meeting in Zagreb:

General Info:

The EEPG is a non profit group representing educational publishers from all of Europe.

The EEPG is a strong network speaking with one voice on educational matters at all levels from local to global.

The EEPG organizes a number of conferences and meetings every year at which members discuss current issues in educational publishing and exchange ideas.

These events are hosted by different members. The Annual Conference is open to non-members.

Every year the EEPG holds the Best Educational Learning Materials Award (BELMA) contest. The contest is open to non members of the EEPG. You can find more information about BELMA here.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the EEPG or would like to learn more about the group, please contact EEPG director Helga Holtkamp.

If you like to join the EEPG

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If you are a member of the EEPG you will have:

Direct and close contact to 23 members in the group from 22 countries.Representation through EEPG in various institutions and committees (such as the Educational publishers forum of the IPA)


Information on education in member countries and beyond (country reports).3 network meetings/conferences a year with renowned keynote speakers. (two participants free, small fee for additional employees)


4 informative newsletters a year.
Special discount for taking part in BELMA
Special discount for taking part in open conferences held by EEPG